Technology has brought us so much, but like everything else. It has its good and bad sides, day after day connected objects take up more and more space in our lives.

To be used and functional, our little companions use electromagnetic frequencies.

Low-intensity electricity, to which we are exposed at all times.

microwave, radio, Wifi, mobile phone, telephone tower, 4G and soon 5G...

There is no way out, we are exposed to it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a low intensity electrocution for life.

The danger is real, over the past 60 years numerous studies have appeared and the harmful effect and diseases linked to long-term exposure to electromagnetic pollution have been demonstrated: sleep disorders, lack of concentration, difficulty in recovering after physical exertion, multiple sclerosis and even cancer...

Faced with such a public health issue, we decided to do something and not to sit idly by.

This is where the idea of Vibra Nation was born, a product line to help you better protect yourself against this invisible enemy.

Welcome to Vibra Nation, protection against the invisible!